Our History

February 2, 2016 marks the birth of Forrent, an event rental company that sprouted from the disruptive ideas of two individuals with vast experience in the events industry, Mr. Joey Espiritu of Tent King and Mr. Andrew Pacumio of Towns Delight Catering Services.

Forrent came to life with the combination of their passion, experience, and the disruptive idea to change the game rather than being service providers to their own events. They pooled together their modest resources such as event chairs and tables and make them available to caterers, events places, hotels, and restaurants in order to help them simplify their event logistics.

Fueled by their willingness to serve and bring fulfillment and happiness to celebrating clients, the company operating from Silang, Cavite began their debut year with 84 events served -- a historic milestone that would mark the pivotal point for growth and wider reach.

After barely a year in the business, Forrent slowly turned into a rising name in the events industry as they garner a greater response from the market and progressive buy-ins because of their passion to serve, personalized relationships, prompt services, and commitment to excellence, which immediately became the distinctive hallmark of the company.

Currently, Forrent is continuously expanding their services to a greater reach. They have also entered the Metro Manila barrier recently, offering more clients outside Cavite their quality and cost-competitive event logistics services.

Our Core Values

FORRENT is a rental services company that offers highly cost-competitive events logistics to caterers/events/place coordinators in Manila and CALABARZON area.





What We Believe

Our Mission

To be a strategic partner in outsourcing first-rate tables and chairs in various events in Luzon with a continued commitment to incorporate cost-competitive options and excellent customer service to target customers.

Our Vision

To become the leading rental company in Luzon that offers highly cost-competitive events logistics to caterers/events, place/events coordinators by year 2025.